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The Choice

eagle and wormBread of heaven
Wings outstretched toward the invisible.
Intended for this flight
Fulfillment of all earthly desire in
Time and space

Be silent!
Voices of worms
Squelching the ache to soar
Promise to ease suffering
Keep your eyes down

A choice must be made
Clipped for the earth to claim
Or defy gravity for a greater risk
On the precipice of decision
Broken wings sound less painful

Feast on slime til you’ve had your fill
You will still hunger and thirst for more
Unfurl the waste of your garment of pride
Cast it away for even clipped wings are redeemable

Is anything too hard for Me?


4 thoughts on “The Choice

    • I always felt you were a kindred spirit. Of course, many, many more would admit that we choose the “low-road” thinking it to be easier. But even there, God finds us and rescues us! Unfortunately, very few of us ever really learn how to soar. Interesting enough, it is people like you who encourage me to at least stretch my wings a bit. Thanks, Topaz.

  1. I need to comment in an effort to reach you. My email to you was returned. I do hope you are well. This is me, Sandra, from purpleprincessreflections and throughthebibletogether. Remember you and I corresponded briefly.

    God has placed you on my heart big time. How are you doing? Are you okay? I certainly do not wish to bug you or assume a relationship not in place. I am concerned.

    Please let me know how you are. I am praying for whatever – there are always reasons’ God places some one on my heart so strongly. I truly care…

    Hugs, my cyber friend.

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