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The Mirror on My Lawn


There lies upon my lawn today,

A broken, beveled mirror.

Someone in some careless way

Thought to discard it here.

Secretly, I thought to amuse myself

By watching the passersby.

Me, inside my half-closed blinds

They, just strolling by.

I saw dogs and people glance at it

As if a curious thing.

But others came to stay awhile

As if a normal thing.

Some dogs sniffed at it

While owners pulled their leash.

Children laughed at their twisted faces

While parents yelled, “Don’t touch that dangerous thing.”

Old women stared with wistful smiles

Thinking about younger days.

Old men gazed into the past

Wondering if they still had their charming ways.

But no one saw it for what it actually was.

So I went outside, glanced at all the brokenness,

Saw my tear-stained face,

And picked up the pieces to throw them away.


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