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Incest and Moral Legislation


Every human being on the planet lives by a moral code; a legislation that is inherent and lives within each of us. That is why the sin of incest is morally abhorrent. This is true whether or not you choose to believe in a Creator, God, Universe, or some other self-identified deity. It really doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t change the fact that the code exists. It exists to protect us from others who choose wrong over right. It exists to empower us to make choices that are good and helpful instead of selfish and hurtful to others.

 But we live in a broken world and to some broken individuals, there is no feeling of shame, remorse or guilt when they engage in the sin of incest. They simply change the rules of the moral code. They don’t believe they need to live by them. I suspect that many who write on this blog have been victims of incest during their lifetime. Writing is an outlet for the pain and suffering they felt after a family member harmed them.

 My purpose of this post is to salute all those who have come through their nightmares and find themselves standing on the other side where there is a host of men, women and children who played the game as it was meant to be played until the rules were changed. Now is the time for you to talk about happened. There is hope and there is healing. Refuse to live in continued silence! We are the over-comers and THE RULES HAVE NOT CHANGED!

 Want in your eyes,

hurried breath.

I thought you were excited

about playing hide and seek.

 I’m running away,

when you claw at my dress.

I don’t remember

these are the rules.

 “New rules,” you say.

I’m suddenly aware

you are standing naked

very close to me.

 “I don’t want to play!”

Then you push me down.

You cover my eyes and scream,

“Open your mouth!”

 I am choking, choking, choking.

Tasting salty and warm, liquid

and slippery.

I vomit.

 “Clean it up before mom gets home!”

“I don’t feel good.”

“I said, clean it up!”

“Why did you do that?”

 New rules. Get used to it.


7 thoughts on “Incest and Moral Legislation

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog throughthebibletogether. I assume the poetry written here is yours. Although at times difficult to read, very well written. Keep the journey going my friend… True sunshine for your soul awaits.

    • Yes, the poetry is mine. It took me a long time before I could talk about the abuse. What was even harder was asking God to forgive me for all the self-protective ways I avoided any further hurt in my life. Those idols are what I owned and it took loving friends in my church and my godly therapist to point these out to me so I could also repent and be cleansed. The daily battle is to let God be God in my life and trust Him even if He chooses to leave some issues for me to grapple with so that His power will shine over my weakness. Thank you for your kind thoughts. The sun is definitely shining! Some days I just need to go out and stand in it! 🙂

  2. Do you have a lot of poetry you’ve written? This poem is vivid. You feel as though we are you going through such a painful experience. I, also, love to write poetry. Check out the poetry tab on my blog.

    • Hi Heather,

      I’m so pleased you found me in the bottom of my pit. I figure only brave souls will go there, or ones who have a compassion for Jesus’ broken vessels. Yes, I do have poetry but it is mixed in usually with a brief header. When I become a more sophisticated blogger (one who actually knows what they are doing!), I will categorize my writings so it is easier for people to find what they are interested in. The Bullet and the Nail is a poem I wrote this past winter. Also the Ode to my Son is one I wrote a few years ago. The “Screamo” poem is Race Against Time. Have fun reading them. I have only been at this a couple of months. I find it very addicting. Not a good thing for me.

      • Hi Jane,

        Thanks for replying to my comment.
        Saw you checked out my poetry. Yay. 🙂
        I def would like to chat further via email.

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