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Maslow and My Needs

imagesCAPF6FH5My therapist and I talked about my needs today at our session. We have talked about this before. I am familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and can easily point to where I stand on the pyramid. I’m at the bottom. In fact, scraping the dirt.

I breathe, I drink water, I eat (too much), and I live alone (under a roof). The rest of the pyramid is frosting on my unfrosted cake. In other words, I have a lot of unfulfilled needs. To complicate matters, I am a Christian and I know that Christ wants me to realize a greater identity in Him. In Him, my needs are fulfilled. In Him I have peace. In Him I have redemption for my sins. In Him I have security. In Him I have unconditional love. That is a whole lot more than what a lot of other people have. So, if I have God, the Creator of the Universe, the one who breathed His very breath into me, what could I possibly lack?

So, here is my homework for next Friday. My therapist wrote on a piece of paper, “When all my needs are met, I am able to glorify and enjoy God, myself, and others.” She wants me to pray about that, pray that God will show me Himself and that I can honestly talk to Him about my needs and get some answers from Him. I have everything but I feel like I have nothing. Does that make sense?!

So, now, I’m appealing to you, my fellow-bloggers, to help me with this assignment. I know what Maslow says about what I need. I need to know what God says I need. Do you know what I need? (Besides a swift kick in the butt?)


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