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Thunderstorm frolic

It’s muggy tonight in Seattle. The forecast is for a clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning. Yep. That’s all we ever get. When there is a chance for thunderstorms, I already know this is the true definition. Now, in the Midwest, real thunderstorms can show up rapidly and hang around for a day or two. You know it’s right on top of you when you  hear the lightning sizzle and the thunder vibrates your house off of its foundation (okay, maybe that was a little exaggeration).images

So, on my way home from work tonight, I began thinking of how I miss a good ol’ Midwestern thunderstorm and how I used to sit on the porch watching it come in. I decided to put some words together to describe how I would feel in the midst of the storm. “Excited” just doesn’t quite cover it. I can still hear my mother’s frantic voice, “Get down here in the basement this instant!”




White knights in billowing dress,

Swords flashing to and fro,

Drums beating the air with clenched fists,

God is at play.




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