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From my reading today in Streams of the Desert, by L.B. Cowman:

“Two painters were once asked to paint a picture illustrating his own idea of rest. The first chose for his scene a quiet, lonely lake, nestled among mountains far away. The second, using swift, broad strokes on his canvas, painted a thundering waterfall. Beneath the falls grew a fragile birch tree, bending over the foam. On its branches, nearly wet with the spray from the falls, sat a robin on it’s nest. The first painting was simply a picture of stagnation and inactivity. The second, however, depicted rest.”

I always start my day with what I consider to be both rest and rejuvenation at the same time. I have an early appointment with my Creator in which I hope to lean into Him a little harder, learn about Him a little smarter and allow His light to shine ahead of me so I follow Him a little more bravely. Since I am human, I do this more in theory than in practice, in spite of the fact that I rarely miss my morning appointment. Some days, I simply hope to find rest.

I am learning that life simply does not go the way we plan. It does not matter whether we are male, female, white, black or any other color, healthy, sick, rich, poor, privileged, underprivileged. We all have this in common. We are broken and we live in a broken world. But here is the secret I think the second painter wants us to realize. We can experience rest among the turmoil, and in fact, that is where we will experience it the most. But it comes with a price. The price of letting go and trusting Someone much higher than ourselves.

I like what the Proverbs 31 women, Girlfriends in God,  have to say about this topic of trust and rest.

“Truth is always the basis for trust and trust is always the basis for rest. We rarely take time to stop, be still and listen, allowing His truth to soak into our hearts and minds where trust and faith grow strong on a steady diet of truth. As a result, our faith is weak and rest is hard to find. When we learn to sit at the feet of Jesus, we will know Him better, trust Him more and find the rest we so desperately crave. Clarity of purpose and right focus will come. And that, my friend, is the cornerstone of a life in balance.”


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